Parking Airport Greater Moncton YQM / Car Park Option Number 1

Greater Moncton Roméo LeBlanc International Airport is located in the city of Dieppe and is the busiest airport in New Brunswick. The variety of parking opportunities is not big, but all parking spaces in front of the terminal are sufficient and meet the needs. The entire parking area P1 is located directly in front of the airport terminal building. This parking area can be divided into two large areas: long term parking area and short term parking area. Travelers who travel for a longer period use the long term parking area and visitors to YQM Airport, meeters and greeters, who need more time, use the short term parking spaces (hourly parking area). For a quick picking up and dropping off passengers, you can use designated areas located in front of the YQM terminal building near arrival and departure entrances. Here some features of the car park option number 1.

parking airport greater moncton
parking airport greater moncton

Features of the long term lot P1 at YQM:

  • Commercial contact details for up-to-date information, parking prices, inquiries, reservations, address of the parking lot and how to get in touch:
  • A: 777 Aviation Avenue, Unit 12 Dieppe, NB CANADA E1A 7Z5
  • C: Contact form on the airport website

Direct link to the car park operator here:

In total, more than 710 P1 parking spaces are available to passengers in front of the Greater Moncton International Airport terminal. Short term parking area has about 180 parking spaces and long term parking area has more than 530 parking spaces. Travelers with disabilities can use the parking spaces for severely disabled people. You can find them in the short term parking lot. The disabled parking sign is square, depicting a white "P" on a blue background, and designates a specific area as a valid parking space. There are 6 handicap parking spaces available there. On the other hand, these handicap parking spaces are in the immediate vicinity of the exits and entrances to the airport terminal, so that disabled people have the shortest possible distances. The whole P1 parking area is asphalted and well lit. The parking area is secured with an automatic barrier at the entrance. There is one entrance to the long term parking area and the second to the short term parking area. Both are well signposted (follow just the signs). There are 10 parking spaces for taxis located at the arrival and departure entrances in front of the terminal. Please note: You can park for a maximum of 5 hours in the short-term car park. For longer stays, please park in the long-term car park. You can find out about the current parking rates on the Greater Moncton Airport website. The first 15 minutes of parking are free.


Outward flight: You will drive your vehicle to Greater Moncton Airport. The P1 car park is well signposted. Upon entering P1 parking facility, push the button for a parking ticket. Pull out the ticket and the gate will rise.


Return flight: Upon your return at YQM Airport, go to express pay stations located in the entrance area to the short-term parking or you can also hand your ticket to the commissionaire at the exit and get a receipt by request.

What is good about P1 parking at YQM?

  • illuminated
  • paved
  • signposted
  • gated
  • open 24 hours
  • regularly police patrols
  • patrolled by security staff
  • spontaneous parking possible
  • handicap parking spaces
  • no key handover necessary
  • no maximum entrance height
  • parking bays are marked
  • 150 meters to the terminal
  • no shuttle transfer necessary
  • coffee machines in the terminal
  • wc in the terminal
  • changing room in the terminal
  • free wifi in the terminal
  • express pay stations

What is bad about P1 parking at YQM?

  • not covered
  • no online reservation possible
  • daily parking is expensive
  • not under video surveillance
  • not fenced

Who else offers Greater Moncton airport parking?