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We are students and graduates from different countries working on this travel blog and we speak many languages. We are a part of the parking community with thousands of members from all over the world. We run hundreds of blogs and forums where we exchange views on various topics. We do not have our own parking spaces, we do not give anyone parking advices and it is not possible to book parking spaces on this travel blog site. What is our intention? We describe all parking lots we've visited and share our experiences and opinions with other community members and travellers. Our goal is to help people to find a suitable parking space at the airport and to show what parking options are available at the airports. Just read our parking- descriptions, compare the prices and search for a suitable parking space on the internet or visit the websites of the parking lot operators you like.

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Any questions or concerns about the website content, terms and conditions and policies should be emailed to us at airport-parking-guide(at)protonmail.com and provide us with information about your concerns. You can also write your parking experiences and wishes to us visiting following social networks:

We would like to thank the following community members who have contributed to this travel blog with photos, stories, videos, experiences, suggestions and descriptions of all parking spaces you find on this website: Milan Uhrík (Slovakia), Galina Sabatino (Germany), Tatjana Ždanoka (Lettland), Timur Kunin (Israel), Gunnar Beck (Germany), Vincent van Impel (Netherlands), Andreas Seidel (Germany), Hynek Blaško (Czech Republic), Hristo Penev (Bulgaria), Felice Castronovo (Italy), Maximilian Krach (Germany), Tiziana Beghin (Italy), Sebastian Klein (Germany), Francesca Donato (Italy), Lena Marbacher (Germany), Jamie Kendall (USA), Maria Grapini (Romania), Daniel Zeiler (Switzerland), Patricia Gonzalez (Spain), Lefteris Alavanos (Greece), Jana Pasching (Germany), Valeria Nigro (Italy), Anja Backus (Australia), Sandra Pereira (Portugal), Mike Wallace (Ireland), Miroslav Radačovský (Slovakia), Marcel de Graaff (Netherlands), Martina Laporelli (Italy), Luis Borell (France), Clare Daly (Irland), Kostas Papadakis (Greece), Arianna Giovannini (Italy), Karl Schild (Germany), Andrew Yang (Great Britain), Jacob Smolka (France), Luke Tyler (USA), Natasha Lapierre (Italy), Daisy Holbrook (Great Britain), Timo Kotowski (Poland), Matthias Güntler (Germany), Carina Gebert (Austria).