Airport Malta Car Park MLA / Parking Option Number 9

Although Malta Luqa Airport is comparatively small, thousands of holidaymakers reach this island in most cases  by plane and only a small number by ferry from Sicily. Residents of the islands of Malta and Gozo are the ones who most often park their cars at the airport in Malta when leaving the island by plane. Many of them try to park their cars for free on the streets of Gudja and Luqa, near the airport, angering the residents of these two small towns. The restriction on parking in Gudja and Luqa is seen as necessary to reduce or even completely ban the number of parkers who fly abroad for several days or weeks. To avoid frustrating Gudja-residents and damaging of your cars, we do not recommend parking on the streets in Gudja and Luqa. The best way to get to Malta Airport is to use public transport or park in a car park belonging to the airport. One more car park option number 9, that we would like to describe here, is the McDonald's car park next to the MLA terminal.

airport malta car park
airport malta car park

Features of the McDonald`s parking MLA:

  • Commercial contact details for up-to-date information, parking prices, inquiries, reservations, address of the parking lot and how to get in touch:
  • A: Malta International Airport Luqa LQA 4001
  • E:
  • E:

Direct link to the car park operator here:

The McDonald's outdoor parking lot is located next to the P2 parking lot and behind the SkyParks Business Center, just a few minutes walk away from the Airport terminal. For travellers who are going to Malta Luqa Airport for the first time and want to park there, this parking option is unknown. It's easy to find - exit the terminal building, turn left and it's about a 3 minute walk. You can use McDonald`s parking area with an hour of free parking for customers, as well as a 24-hour drive-through if you want your food to go. This parking lot in front of the McDonald's building is illuminated, asphalted, signposted and has a barrier at the entrance. There are around 80 parking stalls available for visitors. Two of them are for people with disabilities. They are extra wide and marked with the blue colour and the handicapped sign. Other parking stalls are clearly marked with yellow paint. The pay machine is located next to the entrance in a covered glass box. There is no maximum entrance height. The big advantage of this parking lot is that it is in the shadow of the SkyParks building for most of the day. This provides car protection and reduce direct hot sunlight caused aging interior. Current parking prices for all parking spaces at the airport in Malta can be found on the airport's website on the internet.


Outward flight: You drive directly to the McDonald`s parking lot on the day of your departure. Take a parking ticket at the entrance. This ticket is the only valid document for exit. Park your car in a free parking stall.


Return flight: After your return at Malta Airport and after paying the parking fee via the pay machine, you can exit the McDonald`s car park. The pay machines are located near the entrance.

What is good about McDonald`s parking MLA?

  • illuminated
  • well signposted
  • open 24 hours
  • assistance button
  • asphalted
  • security staff patrols
  • spontaneous parking possible
  • no maximum entrance height
  • no key handover necessary
  • parking stalls are well marked
  • 300 meters to the terminal
  • no shuttle transfer necessary
  • 1 hour free parking for customers
  • baggage cart stations near the terminal
  • pay machines on P1, in the SkyParks building and in the terminal
  • control booth at P1
  • wc in McDonald`s
  • wc in the terminal
  • wc in the SkyParks building
  • taxi ranks in front of the terminal
  • bus stops in front of the terminal

What is bad about McDonald`s parking at MLA?

  • a fee for lost tickets applies
  • not responsible for damages
  • not responsible for theft
  • day parking is expensive
  • long-term parking is expensive
  • no online reservation possible
  • not covered
  • not fenced

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